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Collaborate with us!

Here, our partners share their experiences and explain how our innovative solutions have improved their production capacity, flexibility, and competitiveness. Learn more about how we create successful and sustainable businesses together.

Gooskens Hout

Cornee Van Dam

“System Hall has proven to be accessible and helpful, and their solutions have led to improvements in production speed and product quality for Gooskens Hout.”

VL Wood

Sam Verstreken

“System Hall was crucial in achieving VL Wood’s production goals, resulting in increased production speed and improved handling and problem-solving processes.”

Arbor Forest

Phil Bott

“We chose System Hall for their unique problem-solving ability. This solution has reduced the need for manual labor and gives employees more time to focus on their tasks.”


Magnus Ingves, VD
“System Hall is a professional supplier that willingly challenges themselves to take the next step in development. The dialogue with their employees is always serious and cordial. A supplier we are happy to work with again!”

Mattias Lavsjö, Project leader
“System Hall is a supplier that listens to customer requirements and adapts to them. System Hall takes the necessary actions and is very keen on ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving set goals.”

Magnus Johannesson, Project leader
“System Hall is a reliable machine supplier that keeps its promises. They have a professional approach and broad expertise. They always work with the customer to find the optimal solution and meet set goals.”

S-Wood AB

Stefan Arnesson, Technical and Maintenance Manager
“We have been working with System Hall since the late ’90s and appreciate their ability to adopt new technology, as well as their close collaboration in design, programming, and project execution. They are always responsive when we streamline older production lines.”