We support the Mama Zebra Memorial Fund.

The purpose of the fund is to help the children of Masai Mara, Kenya,
through education and healthcare to a better life.
With close cooperation, we have helped to fund various projects, including expanding the Talek Primary School school with two additional classrooms.
The Mama Zebra Memorial Fund is run by the engaged couple Linda Rasmussen and Sven Zetterlund.
For information about the fund, go to

We support the Children’s Cancer Fund.

As the single largest financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation has long served as a centre in the fight against childhood cancer. We play a key role in fighting the disease, and have been funded almost exclusively by support from private donors and companies, both large and small.



Organisations we have chosen to support over the years:

The Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation
Raises and allocates funds for scientifically selected cardiopulmonary research.

Bohus AB Department of Commerce
Sale of office supplies to the Swedish business commuity, where all sales contribute to non-profit organisations: CancerRehabFonden, Hjärt-Lungfonden, Friends, the Foundation for Street Children and WONSA.

Falkenberg Motor Club
Promotes motor sport and other related non-profit activities. In addition, the association creates ample opportunities for community service activities, such as drivers’ development.

FIKK — Sweden
FIKK — Sweden is a Swedish voluntary organisation that provides support to community resources and emergency services during crises.

Non-profit association and psychosocial work rehabilitation. The association is intended for anyone who has, or has had, mental illness.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund
The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation works to ensure that every child and family can live a full and long life. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation fights childhood cancer and its consequences for those affected today and in the future.

Nattvandrarna (The Night Walkers)
The Night Walkers provide security in the community and act as adult role models for young people.

Falkenberg Pastorate
Working for the equal rights of all people, volunteering, socialising and meeting new people, singing in choirs, supporting international relief work, playing together and celebrating worship.

Giving People
No child in Sweden should live in isolation or poverty. The aid organisation works to combat economic vulnerability and child poverty in Sweden.
Home and School: Their overall mission is to be the child’s voice on issues relating to conditions and circumstances in and around school.

Barnfonden (The Children’s Fund)
Religious and non-partisan children’s rights organisation working with and for children to strengthen their rights and security in a changing world.

En Trappa Upp (Upstairs)
Work-integrated social enterprise that runs Multiservice, Café Hjärtat at Falkhallen and Falkenberg’s Gymnasieskolan and Café REKOmmenderas at the Rian Design Museum, as well as offering administrative services.

Momenta i Bergeforsen AB
Works to provide road safety products to children aged 2–12, thereby improving the overall safety of the youngest traffic participants.

Mama Zebra
Aims to give children in Kenya’s Maasai community the opportunity to go to school, receive a quality education and enjoy proper health care.