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Spare parts / Maintenance

We are constantly trying to improve our main warehouse in Falkenberg in order for the customer to get their spare parts as quickly as possible. System Hall’s goal is to be the safest option for our customers to turn to for fast delivery.

Cabinets for your line.

A spare part cabinet contains spare parts selected from our technology department, to prevent the line from standing still so that you lose production time.

All parts are organized with article numbers so that you can easily get new parts when using your reserves.

Ever since we started our business in the 80’s we have always supported our customers with maintenance of their lines and given our staff the skills that is necesarry to maintain a low downtime when doing maintenance.

Mechanical parts

Contact Per Ola Persson
Tel: +46 (0)346-577 41

Eletrical parts

Contact Tomas Stiernflycht
Tel: +46 (0)346-577 34