Customer references

Moelven Group



Magnus Ingves, CEO
“System Hall is a proffessinal supplier that gladly challange them selfs to take the next step in development. The communication with their employees is always serious and heartwarming. They are a supplier that we gladly work with again”

Mattias Lavsjö, Project leader
System Hall is a supplier that listens to the customers’ demands and adapts to them. System hall fulfills the tasks that is needed and is very keen that the customer is happy and that we reach our goals.”

Magnus Johannesson, Project leader
System Hall is a reliable supplier that keeps a promise. They have a professional attitude and a wide knowledge. Always work together with the customer to get the optimal solution and to reach the set-out goals.”


S-Wood AB




Stefan Arnesson, Technical and maintenance manager
“ Historically we have worked together with system hall since the end of the 90’s. Vi appreciate that they are good at finding new technical solutions and that we can have a close contact with their construction team, programmers and the whole project group. Even when do effectiveness projects in our old production lines I feel a good response from them. At this moment we are updating a moulder and painting line that is moved from Ronneby to Kallinge with a new infeed and rebuilding a bundle station and as you se on the picture we are also installing new endprofilning units.”